Getting a local Jordan SIM card can provide affordable data, calls, and texts while keeping you connected throughout your trip. But with different Jordan SIM card options available, how do you choose the right one? This guide will cover everything you need to know about getting a tourist Jordan SIM card. 

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I. Should I Buy a New SIM Card for My Jordan Trip?

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When buying a Jordan SIM card, you can get a lot of benefits:

  • Convenience – Local SIM cards provide easy access to mobile data, allowing you to use maps, translations and other phone services on the go. This helps you navigate smoothly when exploring Jordan.
  • Affordability – Purchasing a Jordan SIM card with a prepaid data plan is significantly cheaper than using roaming data from your home mobile carrier. Prepaid data plans are very expensive options.
  • Practicality – Having cellular data access allows you to change travel plans, schedule meetings, research new activities, and stay in touch with loved ones at home
  • Local Experience – Use Jordan’s phone numbers and data plans to better connect with the local culture and get recommendations for new friends you make while traveling.

For these key reasons, purchasing a tourist SIM card is highly recommended to enhance your time in Jordan.

II. Jordan SIM Card Types – Which One is the Best for Tourists?

When shopping for a Jordan SIM card, you’ll find these main options:

Physical SIMRegular SIMThe standard nano-SIM card that provides both voice and data connectivity. Commonly used by locals and expats.
 Data-only SIMA physical SIM that only supports data but no voice calls. Slightly cheaper data packages.
eSIMeSIMA digitally activated SIM embedded in supported smartphones. No physical SIM card needed.
Voice & DataRegular SIMFull service SIM for unlimited minutes, SMS and data. Best for long stays.
Data-onlyData-only SIMOnly supports data connectivity via mobile internet. Best for tablets.
TouristsTourist SIMPrepaid SIMs targeted for short term use. Includes small bundles of minutes, SMS and data valid for 1-2 weeks.

For most tourists who just need cellular service within Jordan, a prepaid Jordan SIM card and eSIM is the best option, offering affordable rates tailored to your trip duration. It provides all basic cellular services needed within the validity duration without needing to commit to a long term monthly plan.

III. How Much Data is Enough for a Prepaid Tourist SIM Card for Jordan?

Jordan prepaid SIM cards allow picking data allotments that fit your intended usage. Light, moderate, heavy, and unlimited data bundles are available.

Determining your ideal data allowance depends factors like:

  • Length of stay – Are you visiting Jordan for a few days or a few weeks?
  • Destinations – Will you stay connected using urban WiFi hotspots or explore more remote areas?
  • Activities planned – Do you intend to stream video and music constantly or just use basic maps and texting?

Here are some recommended data packs to consider:

Usage LevelData AllotmentDescriptionRecommended Trip Duration
Light2GBBasic maps, travel searches, messaging, occasional photosShort trips under 1 week with plentiful WiFi access
Moderate5GBDaily app use, navigation, social media, web browsing, some music1-2 weeks with balanced WiFi and mobile data use
Heavy10GBFrequently using data apps, streaming video, mobile hotspots2 weeks+ of sightseeing and remote travel
UnlimitedUnlimitedCompletely connectivity throughout tripAny duration trips

When estimating your ideal prepaid data bundle, overestimating is preferable if you can afford it to avoid any connectivity shortages. You can then simply stop adding more credit if unused data remains toward the end of an amazing Jordan adventure!

IV. How Much Does a Jordan SIM Card Cost?

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Cost for a tourist SIM card in Jordan varies depending on the mobile carrier, data amounts, call minutes, validity period and other add-ons. Here is an overview of typical pricing:

Provider Plan Data / Minutes / SMS Validity Price in USD
Umniah 15 GB data + 60 mins & texts in JO + 10 mins intl 15 GB data, 60 mins & texts in Jordan, 10 mins international calls 10 days $14.1 USD
20 GB data + unlimited mins & texts in JO + 20 mins intl 20 GB data, unlimited mins & texts in Jordan, 20 mins international calls 30 days $21.1 USD
Zain Weekly Visitors Line 12 GB data + 20 local mins + 15 intl mins 1 week $15.3 USD
New Visitor Line 75 GB data + 1000 local mins + 50 intl mins 3 months $41.2 USD
Umniah 5 GB data + unlimited calls in JO + 3000 sms 5 GB data, unlimited calls in Jordan, 3000 sms 1 month $8.5 USD
40 GB data + unlimited calls in JO + 3000 sms 40 GB data, unlimited calls in Jordan, 3000 sms 1 month $11.3 USD

When using your Jordan SIM card sparingly, opt for validity durations matching your trip length to limit wasted unused data or call credits.

Overall, costs for prepaid Jordan SIM cards are very reasonable, allowing convenient access to cellular connectivity across this fascinating Middle Eastern destination.

V. Jordan eSIM – Alternative to Physical SIM Cards

Alongside standard physical SIM cards, Jordan prepaid eSIMs are growing in availability as handy digital alternatives. eSIMs are embedded subscriber identity modules stored virtually in your device.

Here are some key advantages eSIMs offer:

  • Activate an eSIM easily online and use cellular service right after purchase
  • Avoid visiting stores to have SIM cards physically set up and swapped
  • eSIMs allow simultaneously using two network connections and numbers on a single device
  • Keep your regular number active using primary SIM slot while using Jordan eSIM for localized connectivity
  • Switch between eSIM profiles online to use cellular data regionally across Middle East or globally

Jordan eSIM 7 Days
Jordan eSIM 7 Days
From $5.50
Jordan eSIM 15 Days
Jordan eSIM 15 Days
From $10.50
Jordan eSIM 30 Days
Jordan eSIM 30 Days
From $13.90

As more carriers launch eSIM offerings, this increasingly convenient format will continue disrupting Jordan’s telecom landscape. Are you looking for a place to get an eSIM for your trip, visit to explore more data plans that need your meets.

VI. Where to Buy a Jordan SIM Card?

Kiosk at Amman airport

Jordan SIM cards can be purchased after arrival at:

  • Amman AirportAmman Queen Alia International Airport has counters for Umniah, Orange and Zain with prepaid SIM bundles readily available. However, the airport selections may offer smaller data amounts at inflated tourist costs.
  • Local Mobile Carriers – The leading national operators – Zain, Orange and Umniah – all run service centers where you can buy SIM cards directly with more extensive data plans. Bring your passport to register when buying your SIM.
  • Local Stores – Convenience stores, small mobile shops, supermarkets like Carrefour, and kiosks commonly offer prepaid SIMs from various carriers. Prices are generally best sourced locally.

In summary, Amman's airport provides the simplest option to get connected quickly upon arrival. But better value prepaid SIM card deals can be found by shopping around local retailers in cities afterward.

VII. How to Use Jordan SIM

Umniah shop
Umniah shop

Activating and utilizing your Jordan SIM card is very straightforward:

  1. Insert – Obtain the SIM card and securely insert it into your unlocked smartphone. iPhones will require a SIM eject tool to open the tray.
  2. Activate – Power on your phone and follow the activation prompts. You may need to provide passport details and restart the device.
  3. Top-up – Recharge your SIM as needed via vouchers, local stores, or sometimes directly from the carrier app using international credit card.
  4. Check balances – Dial *124# to check remaining minutes, texts, expiry dates and data balances for your SIM.
  5. Enable data – Turn on mobile data access and cellular data roaming in your device settings to start using internet connectivity via your Jordan SIM.

If you face any issues with daily SIM card usage, contact customer support teams directly for your mobile operator. English language assistance is generally available via call centers or online chat.

Knowing more about using cell phone in Jordan, you can visit this article: Using a cell phone in Jordan – How can I do it?

VIII. Best Mobile Operators for Jordan SIM Cards

Jordan’s main cellular providers all offer prepaid tourist SIMs suitable for visitors. Let’s compare key details across the major operators:

Operator Coverage SIM Card Price Range Pros Cons eSIM Available?
Umniah Wide 4G coverage in major cities and towns (over 80%) Free - 5 JOD ($5-7 USD) Affordable prices, good customer service Coverage not as widespread as Zain Yes
Zain Extensive nationwide 4G coverage (over 95%) 10.88 JOD-29.23 JOD ($15-41 USD) Largest network, fastest data speeds, best coverage More expensive than competitors Yes
Umniah Broad 4G coverage in main cities and areas (over 75%) 6-8 JOD ($8-11 USD) Cheapest plans, competitive network quality Limited coverage outside major cities Yes

In summary, Zain generally offers the best network coverage and speeds making it a top pick for a seamless connectivity experience. However Umniah and Umniah also deliver solid tourist SIM card options.

All three carriers allow easy SIM setup and provide strong nation-wide 4G coverage for visitors to conveniently access apps, maps and messaging throughout their Jordan trip!

IX. Tips for Saving Data for Jordan SIM Card

To reduce mobile data consumption from your Jordan SIM card and avoid surprise overage fees, follow these handy saving strategies:

  • Offload onto WiFi whenever freely available in cafes or hotels
  • Download offline maps & translations like Google Maps and Translate to use when signal is weak
  • Enable data limiter settings on your smartphone and apps
  • Switch on airplane mode when possible and temporarily disable background processes
  • Avoid bandwidth-heavy services like video calls or high quality photo sharing when not on WiFi
  • Rely on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Apple Messages for calls/texts over mobile network
  • Strictly close bandwidth-draining apps fully when not actively in use to limit autoplaying media elements on pages

Carefully tracking data usage and minimizing unnecessary mobile internet access ensures you prevent surprise data overages while retaining connectivity across calling, navigation and messaging needs most vital for smooth travels.

Travel SIM Plans Tailored For the Jordan Experience


Can I use my regular SIM card from home in Jordan?

Yes, but roaming charges tend to be extremely expensive compared to purchasing a prepaid Jordan SIM locally. Turn off cellular data roaming on your usual SIM to be safe and use the Jordanian SIM for mobile connectivity during your trip.

Can I use the Jordan SIM across Middle Eastern countries?

Coverage largely depends on specific carriers and countries. Some networks like Zain do operate across multiple nations, while others like Umniah and Umniah focus within Jordan. Check beforehand directly with your chosen service provider.

How can I check the data balance for my SIM card?

Dial *124# on your mobile connected with the Jordan SIM card. This should display remaining minutes, texts, expiry dates and available data balances so you can recharge appropriately.

Do Jordan tourist SIM cards work for calling international numbers?

Outbound international calling is often blocked or extremely expensive on prepaid tourist SIMs. These plans are optimized for domestic usage within Jordan. Consider using VoIP services like Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp for affordable calling to numbers abroad if required.

XI. Conclusion

A local Jordan SIM card is a handy connectivity essential when visiting this Middle East treasure. With convenient online setup and on-arrival airport pickup options, gaining affordable prepaid mobile access is smooth. Choosing data amounts fitting your intended trip usage ensures solid coverage for maps, texting, and sharing all the magic as you dive into Jordanian culture!