Zain is one of the most popular mobile operators in Jordan. This guide provides detailed information on Zain SIM cards in Jordan, including coverage, speed, best SIM card options, rates, USSD codes, etc. to help you stay connected during your Jordan trip with Zain.

Zain sim card featured image

I. Quick facts about Zain

Zain Group is a leading telecom operator in the Middle East and Africa region with operations in 7 countries. Some quick facts about Zain in Jordan:

  • Zain launched services in Jordan in 1994 as Fastlink and rebranded to Zain in 2007.
  • It has 8.7 million customers (as of Q1 2022), the 2nd largest mobile operator in Jordan.
  • Zain Jordan provides 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE networks and is rolling out 5G as well across Jordan.
  • It has an extensive network covering 99% of the populated areas in Jordan with over 2,300 cell sites.

II. Jordan Zain Coverage and Speed

1. Zain coverage in Jordan

Zain Coverage map
Zain Coverage map

Zain provides extensive population coverage of over 99% in Jordan spanning cities, towns and key tourist destinations like Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Amman, Jerash, Dead Sea etc.

Its 2G network covers around 99.5% population across Jordan’s 12 governorates on 900 MHz band. The 3G network covers 97% population on 900/2100 MHz bands while its 4G/LTE network is available in all major cities and tourism areas covering 85% population on 1800 MHz band.

Zain is currently rolling out 5G as well on 3500 MHz mmWave band starting from Amman, Ibrid, Karak and Madaba. So you can enjoy superfast 5G speeds with a compatible device.

Overall, Zain network coverage in Jordan is excellent and tourists can easily get connected across popular destinations.

2. Zain speed

In cities and tourist areas, Zain offers good 4G/LTE speeds of around 10 to 40 Mbps for internet surfing, emails, messaging, social media, maps etc. Its 5G network offers even faster speeds of 200 Mbps to 1 Gbps where available.

Zain also has launched VoLTE for high definition voice quality over LTE. So overall, speeds and voice quality are very good with Zain in Jordan.

III. Zain connectivity options for travelers to Jordan

Zain kiosk

Zain SIM card and connectivity options are various for tourists visiting Jordan:

Prepaid SIM CardInexpensive, accessible in JordanRegistration needed, must top-up regularly
Prepaid Visitor SIMConvenient bundle, no top-upsLimited 30 days, must purchase before travel
eSIMInstant setup, no physical SIMMust purchase online before travel
WiFi RouterConnects multiple devicesRental fee, not portable
Roaming Packagesavoids expensive ratesMust purchase package in advance

So in summary, prepaid Zain SIM cards and eSIMs are most convenient and cheaper options for a Jordan trip.

IV. Best Zain SIM cards for tourists & cost

The best Zain SIM card options for tourists to Jordan are:

SIM Card Data Call Minutes (Local) Call Minutes (International) Validity Price (USD)
Weekly Visitors Line 12 GB 20 minutes 15 minutes 1 week $15.30
New Visitor Line 75 GB 1,000 minutes 50 minutes 3 months $41.20
Zain International Line 37.5 GB 3,000 minutes 3,000 minutes 3 months $22.70

The currency conversion is:

1 JOD = $1.41 USD

So the prices in JOD from the previous table have been converted to USD equivalents using the current exchange rate of 1 JOD = $1.41 USD.

Considering most travelers would be visiting Jordan for around 2 weeks or more, the New Visitor Line offers the best value and flexibility among the Zain prepaid SIM options listed for tourists. The 75GB data and 3 month validity make it the recommended choice.

V. Does Zain Jordan support eSIM?

Yes, Zain launched eSIM in Jordan in 2021 which function digitally without needing a physical plastic SIM.

Zain eSIMs allow you to activate a Jordan phone number securely on your eSIM supported smartphone. It works just like regular Zain SIM cards for making calls, texting and mobile data.

So with Zain eSIM in Jordan, you don’t need to buy local physical Zain SIM card and can easily connect your device using simple onboarding process.

Leave your physical SIM behind, travel light with an eSIM from

VI. Where can you buy a Zain SIM card and eSIM?

1. Where to buy Zain SIM for Jordan?

Zain store

You can easily find Zain SIM cards at Jordan airports, malls and Zain stores in cities. Some options are:

  • Queen Alia International Airport (AMM): Zain store at Arrivals hall, 24 hrs
  • Zain stores: Available across major malls & cities like City Mall, Abdali Mall (Amman)
  • Petra visitor center: Small Zain shop for tourist Zain SIM cards
  • Supermarkets: Like Carrefour, SafeWay etc also sell standard Zain prepaid SIMs

So buying a Zain Jordan SIM is very convenient at arrival airport or in cities. Remember to carry passport for verification.

2. Where to buy Jordan Zain eSIM?

  • Online: Jordan Zain eSIMs can be purchased directly on Zain Jordan website
  • Zain App: Jordan eSIMs are also available for activation via ‘My Zain’ app (iOS/Android)
  • Airport kiosks: Some digital kiosks at Queen Aliya Airport also offer Zain eSIMs

So online or Zain app purchase and onboarding are easiest ways to buy Jordan Zain eSIM quickly.

VII. How to activate Zain Jordan SIM/eSIM?

Activating your new Zain SIM or eSIM is very easy and quick in Jordan:

1. How to use Jordan Zain SIM card?

Zain sim card
  • Buy Zain Prepaid/Tourist SIM
  • Provide passport for verification
  • Activate SIM & choose prepaid pack using USSD codes
  • Start using SIM for calls/text/data immediately

2. How to activate Zain Jordan eSIM?

  • Purchase Zain Jordan eSIM online
  • Enter details on Zain eSIM website or app
  • Scan QR code to download eSIM profile
  • Follow prompts to activate eSIM digitally
  • Start using eSIM for calls/text/data

So both physical SIM and eSIM activation is very convenient taking only a few minutes before you can start using Zain service in Jordan.

Learn more: How to Install Jordan eSIM: Full Guide

VIII. Jordan Zain Call & SMS Rates

Zain Jordan offers very competitive prepaid rates for calls and text messages:

  • Local Calls: 0.04 JOD/min (~ 2 US cents)
  • Domestic SMS: 0.05 JOD (~ 3 US cents)
  • Intl. Call: 0.89 JOD/min (~$1.2/min) to North America
  • Incoming Calls/SMS: Free

These prepaid call and text rates are among the cheapest in Jordan. Specially local and domestic calling is very affordable on Zain.

Do check when any special discounts or free minute bundles offered by Zain before activating your prepaid SIM.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Jordan Zain SIM card/eSIM

Zain offers many useful USSD codes to check balance, plans or self-service Prepaid Balance :

*114#Check account balance
1212#Check data bundle balance
*123#Check minutes and SMS bundle balance
*240#Subscribe to data packages
114voucher#Recharge with scratch voucher
123voucher#Recharge voice bundle with voucher

So using these codes directly on you phone dialpad, you can easily check balance, change plans or activate bonuses on your Zain prepaid SIM.

X. How to Top-up Zain Jordan SIM card/eSIM

It is easy to recharge or top-up your Zain SIM/eSIM while traveling in Jordan via:

  • Zain Online Recharge on website/app via Visa/Mastercard
  • Zain Recharge Cards available across Jordan outlets & shops
  • Bank Transfer via Jordan Ahli or Cairo Amman mobile wallet apps
  • Cash payments at any Zain store in malls or retail outlets

So you have multiple convenient options for topping up your prepaid credit or data packs. Zain also offers regular bonuses on recharge like free minutes, SMS or extra data.

XI. Alternatives to Jordan Zain

The top alternative mobile operators in Jordan besides Zain are:

  • Orange – Fast-growing Jordan mobile network focused on prepaid segment and tourist SIM cards.
  • Uminah- Part of Umniah Group with excellent 4G coverage and speeds geared towards data offerings and smartphones. Visit to find out more eSIM options for your Jordan trip. Jordan eSIM makes sure to bring you the best experience for 5-14 days with 3GB data.

Travel Worry-Free with Our eSIM Plans

Jordan eSIM 7 Days
Jordan eSIM 7 Days
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Jordan eSIM 15 Days
Jordan eSIM 15 Days
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In summary, Zain has overall coverage and connectivity across Jordan suitable for tourists. But you can also consider Umniah or Orange if needing their specific offerings or rates.

XII. FAQs about Zain in Jordan

Does Zain offer 5G in Jordan?

Yes, Zain has rolled out 5G network in key areas like Amman, Irbid offering ultrafast speeds up to 1Gbps with 5G enabled devices.

Can I use my Zain SIM card from another country?

Yes, but enabling roaming on foreign Zain SIMs can be expensive. Best to use local Jordan Prepaid or Tourist SIM for cheaper rates.

How to check Jordan Zain prepaid balance?

You can check prepaid balance by dialing *100# or *102# USSD codes directly on your Zain SIM.

Does Zain do network unlocking of smartphones?

Yes, Zain Customer Care can submit network unlock requests in case your device was locked to Zain Jordan during purchase.

XIII. Conclusion

Zain offers comprehensive mobile network coverage spanning Jordanian cities, historical sites and travel hotspots. Their prepaid and tourist Zain SIM card options provide great value with bundled data to meet needs of leisure and business visitors. By choosing suitable Zain SIM plan and leveraging their online recharge options, tourists can easily stay connected on-the-go when exploring the treasures of Jordan.