When traveling to Jordan, staying connected to the internet is essential for various reasons, including navigation, communication. With numerous mobile internet options available, it’s crucial to understand how to choose the best one to suit your needs. In this article, we will guide you through the process of selecting the ideal mobile internet in Jordan, ensuring a seamless online experience during your visit.

Mobile Internet in Jordan

I. Mobile Internet Coverage and Speed in Jordan

1. Coverage of Mobile Internet in Jordan

Jordan’s mobile network operators collectively cover over 90% of the population with 4G LTE services. This impressive coverage ensures that most urban dwellers and tourists can enjoy seamless internet connectivity throughout their travels.

Jordan Mobile Internet Coverage
Source: Nperf
  • Umniah has the widest 4G network coverage in Jordan, reaching over 97% of the population. It provides 4G coverage in major cities as well as rural areas.
  • Orange has extensive 4G coverage across Amman and major towns, estimated at over 90% of the population. Coverage is patchy in rural regions.
  • Zain provides 4G mobile coverage to around 85-90% of Jordanians, focused around larger cities and towns initially. Rural 4G is limited.

In summary, Umniah leads coverage across both cities and rural zones, while Orange is strongest in major cities but more patchy outside towns. Zain lags the others in coverage footprint and average speeds attained nationally. All operators are continuing network expansion.

2. Speed of Mobile Internet in Jordan

According to the Speedtest Global Index data, Jordan has seen improvements in Mobile Internet in Jordan speeds over the past year. 

Jordan Mobile Internet Speed
Source: Speedtest

The data shows Jordanian mobile networks have considerably boosted data speeds over the past 12 months. Download speeds increased by over 40Mbps while uploads also jumped by around 4Mbps.

All major Jordanian operators like Umniah, Orange and Zain continued investing in 4G/LTE infrastructure upgrades. This has translated to meaningfully faster connectivity for users. If speeds maintain current growth rates, Jordan could break into the top 50 countries for mobile data performance.

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II. Mobile Internet in Jordan: Connection options for tourists

Here is a table comparing connectivity options for travelers to Jordan:

Connectivity OptionProsConsPrice Range (USD)
Free WiFiNo costLimited availability, slow speeds, data caps$0
Pocket WiFiPortable access, faster than public wifiRental fee, security deposit, restricted usage$5-20/day
eSIMNo waiting for SIM, easy to switch plansLimited device/carrier compatibility$10-30 depending on data
Local SIM CardLow usage costs, better coverage/speedsUpfront purchase cost, exchange fees$5-15 for SIM + plans starting at $10/GB
RoamingNo hassle setup, use existing number/planVery high usage costs, slow speeds$0.25-1+/min for calls, $10-15/GB for data

This comparison shows the trade-offs between cost and convenience for different internet access options when using Mobile Internet in Jordan. Free public WiFi is cheapest but limited, while roaming costs the most due to high per-minute/data fees. Pocket WiFi offers portable access at moderate expense.

eSIM plans provide the convenience of no physical SIM card with flexible data-only plans at low local rates. With widespread device compatibility and no roaming fees, an eSIM avoids the drawbacks of other options while ensuring affordable, reliable data connectivity throughout a trip to Jordan. 

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III. Budgeting for Mobile Data Costs in Jordan

If you’re traveling, it’s important to budget properly for mobile data to stay connected during using Mobile Internet in Jordan. This guide will help you estimate data needs and costs for different trip lengths, as well as compare pricing for eSIM plans from a popular provider.

Estimating Data Needs and Costs

  • 3-5 days: Around 1-2GB should suffice for basic tasks like maps, messaging, and light browsing. A local SIM with this amount of data would cost approximately $5-10.
  • 11-15 days: Heavier users may need 5-10GB to reliably use apps and navigation over an extended period. SIM plans in this range usually cost $15-25.
  • 21+ days: Extensive use over 3+ weeks requires a minimum of 10GB, with 20GB+ recommended. Large data SIM plans start at around $25-50 for lengthy stays.

Leading eSIM provider esimjordan.com offers affordable options such as:

  • 5 Day Plan (3GB total): Only $27.90, perfect for short trips under a week.
  • 7 Day Plan (3GB total): $37.50 for average use over a week-long visit.
  • 14 Day Plan (3GB total): Top value at $43.50 for two weeks in Jordan.

Budget an additional $5-10 per extra week as a buffer in case more data is needed. Proper planning and comparing competitively priced eSIMs helps stay within your mobile budget.

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IV. Best Mobile Operators in Jordan

Here is a table comparing the major mobile operators in Jordan:

Mobile OperatorPrice Range for Prepaid SIMDataAdditional Features
Zain$5-201-5 GBWiFi calling, international calls & SMS
Orange$5-15500 MB – 3 GBInternational roaming, data bundles
Umniah$3-151-3 GBDiscounts for students, WhatsApp bundles

Key highlights:

  • Zain Jordan offers the widest data allowances and international call/SMS features for prepaid SIMs. Price range is average.
  • Orange Jordan provides competitive data packages and has excellent global roaming coverage. SIM costs are slightly lower.
  • Umniah is the most affordable option with special deals for students. Plans focus more on social media bundles over raw data amounts.

In summary, Zain and Orange are the top choices for flexibility on prepaid travel SIMs in Jordan based on balanced pricing and data. Umniah is best for value in three operators.

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As you navigate the realm of mobile internet in Jordan, you may encounter various questions and uncertainties. To provide clarity and guidance, here are some FAQs along with informative answers to help you make informed decisions.

How do I set up an eSIM data plan before visiting Jordan?

Most eSIM providers allow you to purchase a plan online before your trip. After payment, you’ll receive setup instructions and a QR code by email. Then just scan the code on your eSIM compatible device to activate the plan once in Jordan. It’s a simple and convenient process.

What devices support eSIM in Jordan?

A wide range of popular smartphones from brands like Apple, Samsung and Google support eSIM technology. Be sure to check device compatibility on the specific eSIM provider’s website before purchasing a plan.

How do I recharge my prepaid data plan in Jordan?

Most Jordanian operators allow you to recharge your prepaid data plan online through their websites, mobile apps, or at authorized retail outlets. Simply select your desired data package, enter your payment details, and follow the instructions to top up your data

Is public Wi-Fi safe to use in Jordan?

While public Wi-Fi hotspots can be convenient for staying connected on the go, they may pose security risks due to potential data breaches or hacking attempts. Use caution when accessing sensitive information over public networks and consider using a virtual private network (VPN) for added protection.

VI. Conclusion

In conclusion, navigating the mobile internet landscape in Jordan involves understanding the coverage, speed, costs, and options available to users, including tourists. By exploring connection choices such as local SIM cards, Wi-Fi hotspots, and tethering, visitors can stay connected efficiently during their travels. 

As you embark on your journey to Jordan, armed with knowledge about Mobile Internet in Jordan providers, connection methods, and budgeting tips, you can enjoy a seamless online experience while exploring this captivating destination.