Traveling to Jordan can be an exciting and enriching experience, but it’s essential to be prepared for the potential costs of data roaming. Roaming charges can quickly add up if you’re not careful, leaving you with an unexpectedly high phone bill. This guide will help you understand data roaming in Jordan, explore the roaming charges of different mobile operators, and provide you with the best ways to avoid excessive roaming fees.

Roaming in Jordan

I. Understand Data Roaming in Jordan

If you’re planning to visit Jordan, it’s important to be aware of roaming charges and how to avoid expensive fees while staying connected. By default, using your regular cellular service from another country like Jordan will result in steep roaming rates.

Costs vary between providers but as an example, call charges may be $3-5 per minute. Texts could be $0.50 each and data rates as high as $10-15 per MB. Add in taxes and surcharges and bills can easily run into the hundreds.

I recommend getting an eSIM plan from They offer affordable packages tailored for travelers with nationwide coverage. Purchasing online and installing before your trip is hassle-free compared to finding a local SIM after arrival.

Refer now: Mobile Internet in Jordan: How To Choose The Best Option? to more information about ensuring a seamless online experience during your visit. 

II. Charges of roaming in Jordan

1. How to Check Roaming Charges Before Your Travel To Jordan

Before you travel to Jordan, it’s crucial to understand the roaming charges you may incur. Here are some steps you can take to check and prepare for charges of roaming in Jordan:

Contact your mobile provider

Contact your mobile provider
Contact your mobile provider

Reach out to your mobile service provider and inquire about their roaming rates for Jordan. Ask about the charges for data usage, voice calls, and text messages. Some providers may offer roaming packages or discounts for international travel.

Research applicable roaming fees

Many mobile carriers have online resources or mobile apps that provide detailed information about roaming charges in different countries. Check your carrier’s website or app for specific rates and fees related to data roaming in Jordan.

Call Customer Service

If you’re unable to find the information you need online, consider calling your carrier’s customer service hotline. Representatives can provide you with the latest roaming rates and explain any roaming packages or discounts that may be available for your travel to Jordan.

2. Roaming Charges in Jordan by UK Mobile Operators

Roaming check in Jordan
Source: Verizon

To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a comparison of roaming charges in Jordan from UK mobile operators:

EE£2.29 daily fee for EU roaming from March 2023
Three UK£2 daily fee for EU roaming (including Portugal) from May 2022
O2No extra charges up to 25GB data within Europe Zone
Vodafone UKIncluded in plans with Zone A coverage; £2.25 daily fee for others

As you can see, the roaming charges for data usage can be quite expensive, especially if you plan to use data-intensive services like streaming or video calling. It’s essential to be aware of your mobile operator’s roaming charges and any available packages before traveling to Jordan. Carefully evaluate your data usage needs and consider the most cost-effective option for your specific situation.

Don't stress about SIM cards
Get an eSIM instead

III. Best Ways to Avoid Roaming Charges in Jordan

While charges of roaming in Jordan can be unavoidable in some cases, there are several strategies you can employ to minimize or avoid excessive roaming fees during your trip to Jordan.

Best Ways to Avoid Roaming Charges
Best Ways to Avoid Roaming Charges

1. Buy an eSIM from

One of the best options is to purchase an eSIM data plan from a local provider before arriving. offers affordable prepaid packages tailored for travelers. Simply order online and install the eSIM onto your compatible smartphone. This preloads your communications access, removing the need to find a physical SIM after landing in Jordan.

Benefits of Using an eSIM

  • Avoid Roaming Charges: By using an eSIM with a local Jordanian mobile data plan, you can avoid the high roaming charges imposed by your home carrier.
  • Convenience: You don’t need to physically swap SIM cards or carry multiple devices. The eSIM is downloaded and activated directly on your compatible device.
  • Flexibility: eSIMs from offer various data allowances and validity periods to suit your specific needs and travel duration.
  • Seamless Experience: Once activated, the eSIM provides a seamless mobile data experience, just like using your regular SIM card at home.

While on our website, I recommend exploring‘s simple plans. Options start from around $27.90 for 3GB of data valid for 5 days – a real bargain compared to charges of roaming in Jordan. Installation takes just minutes for a hassle-free connection right as you pass through immigration.

Plan may interest you

Jordan eSIM 7 days
Jordan eSIM 7 days
From $5.50
Jordan eSIM 15 Days
Jordan eSIM 15 Days
From $10.50

2. Buy a Local SIM Card

Another popular option to avoid charges of roaming in Jordan is to purchase a local Jordanian SIM card upon arrival. This involves swapping your home SIM card with a local SIM card from a Jordanian mobile network provider.

Advantages of Using a Local SIM Card

  • Cost Savings: Local SIM cards often offer significantly lower data rates compared to roaming charges from your home carrier.
  • Reliable Connection: You’ll have access to local mobile networks, ensuring a stable and reliable data connection during your stay in Jordan.
  • Localized Services: Some local services or apps may require a Jordanian mobile number to function properly.

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3. Enable Wi-Fi Calling

If your mobile carrier supports Wi-Fi Calling (also known as VoWiFi or Voice over Wi-Fi), you can make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network without incurring roaming charges. This feature can be particularly useful if you plan to spend most of your time in areas with reliable Wi-Fi access, such as hotels or cafes.


Can I use my home mobile data plan in Jordan without incurring roaming charges?

No, unless your home carrier offers a specific international roaming plan or package that includes Jordan, using your regular mobile data plan in Jordan will result in roaming charges. It’s best to explore alternative options, such as purchasing an eSIM or a local SIM card, to avoid excessive roaming fees.

Do I need to unlock my phone to use a Jordanian SIM card?

In most cases, yes. Your phone needs to be unlocked (not tied to a specific carrier) to be able to use a SIM card from a different mobile network provider. Check with your home carrier for instructions on how to unlock your device.

When should I buy an eSIM for Jordan?

Purchase an eSIM from 1 days before traveling for instant activation upon arrival in Jordan.

How do I set up an eSIM on my device?

After purchase, will email a QR code. Open it on your device and follow the on-screen instructions to scan and install.

Will I be able to receive calls and texts on my home number while using a Jordanian SIM card?

No, incoming calls and texts to your home mobile number will not be received while you’re using a Jordanian SIM card.

V. Conclusion

In conclusion, roaming charges when traveling internationally can result in expensive cellular bills that put a dent in your vacation budget. If you’ll be visiting Jordan, it’s important to take proactive steps to avoid roaming in Jordan fees from your home network provider. allows you to conveniently preload an eSIM profile before your trip, so you don’t have to deal with finding and activating a physical SIM card after your long flight. Their plans offer generous data allowances for a fraction of the typical cost of roaming charges.