When being in Jordan, having reliable connectivity is an important way to get around the country and keep in touch with family and friends back home. Orange SIM cards help tourists to have affordable calls, texts and data during their trip. This comprehensive guide shows visitors just how they hook up with Orange during their stay in Jordan.

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I. Quick Facts about Orange

Orange is one of the most popular mobile networks in Jordan. Here are some key facts about Orange in Jordan that travelers should know:

  • Owned by Jordan Telecom Group, one of the largest telecom operators in the region
  • Provides 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE connectivity
  • As of 2020, has 7.4 million mobile customers
  • Known for having excellent coverage across Jordan
  • Offers competitively priced plans, top-up vouchers, and SIM cards for tourists

With widespread connectivity across the country, Orange is relied on by both locals and visitors in Jordan. Their network can keep tourists connected with high-speed data and call quality.

II. Why Orange When You’re Exploring Jordan – Coverage and Speed

When deciding which SIM card to purchase in Jordan, Orange stands out as a top choice for travelers thanks to its far-reaching coverage and fast speeds.

1. Orange Coverage in Jordan

Orange Coverage map
Source: Nperf

Out of all mobile networks in Jordan, Orange offers some of the most extensive coverage. Their cell towers stretch from major cities like Amman to smaller towns and rural areas across the country.

Specific benefits of Orange’s sizeable coverage include:

  • Provides mobile network coverage across over 97% of populated areas as of 2023.
  • 4G coverage available in over 20 major cities including Amman, Irbid, Zarqa, Aqaba, Madaba and Petra.
  • Nationwide 4G availability exceeds 90%, allowing internet access on supported devices for most residents and visitors.
  • By 2025, Orange Jordan aims to extend its 5G network to cover 50% of the population.

With few coverage gaps, tourists can depend on their Orange SIM card wherever they go in Jordan. You’re less likely to find yourself stranded without signal.

2. Orange Speed

In addition to wide-ranging availability, Orange also delivers some of Jordan’s fastest data speeds:

  • 4G/LTE Connectivity – Independent tests in 2023 showed average 4G download speeds of 15-25 Mbps in cities like Amman.
  • Up to 150 Mbps Downloads – Peak theoretical download rates on Orange’s advanced LTE network
  • Reliable Speeds for Apps/Streaming – Strong enough throughput to use demanding apps, HD video streaming, and more when traveling
  • Launched 5G services in late 2022 initially providing 50-150 Mbps in parts of Amman.

Thanks to considerable investments in their network infrastructure, Orange can offer tourists data speeds capable of smooth video calling, mobile gaming, using travel apps, and more. Their advanced LTE network prevents frustrations with glacially slow data.

With Orange’s blend of extensive reach and fast speeds, tourists have the foundation for reliable connectivity across Jordan. You’ll enjoy lower roaming charges and more affordable prepaid plans too.

III. Orange Connectivity Options for Travelers to Jordan

Orange provides different types of SIMs and recharge options to meet various traveler connectivity needs. Getting set up is quick and convenient too.

Here are the main ways visitors can connect with Orange while in Jordan:

Orange SIM CardGuaranteed coverage. Flexible topping up. Best value on longer stays.Requires visiting store to purchase.
Orange eSIMRemote activation convenience. No physical SIM needed.Limited coverage and device compatibility.
Orange Pocket WiFiPortable hotspot for multiple devices.Higher costs than SIM. Data packages not renewable.
Orange RoamingNo need to purchase local SIM. Use home network.Very expensive per MB compared to local plan.

So whether you need a SIM card for your smartphone or data for all your gadgets, Orange caters to any connectivity preferences visitors may have.

IV. Best Orange SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

To simplify choices, these are the best Orange SIM card options for tourists to consider along with current pricing:

PlanMonthly Fee (USD)DataMinutesOther Features
Orange 8 Max$11.2717GBUnlimited local minutesExtra 5GB net, 1000 minutes to Ooredoo Palestine
Orange 9 Max$12.5522GBUnlimited local minutesExtra 10GB net, Unlimited minutes to Ooredoo Palestine
Orange 13 Max$18.2440GBUnlimited local minutesExtra 10GB net, Unlimited minutes to Ooredoo Palestine
Orange 11 Max$15.6130GBUnlimited local minutesExtra 10GB net, Unlimited minutes to Ooredoo Palestine

This monthly plan provides 20GB data bucket and allows you to freely use GPS, travel apps, social media, and more without worrying about limits. It’s designed for heavy usage tourists.

With free SIM delivery or convenient in-store pickup, getting connected with Orange prepaid plans is quick and affordable for visitors.

V. Does Orange Support eSIM in Jordan?

Excitingly, Orange offers eSIM support in Jordan allowing compatible devices to activate through digital profiles instead of physical SIM cards.

To use an Orange eSIM in Jordan, visitors need:

  • eSIM Compatible Device – iPhone XS/XR and newer or Google Pixel 4+
  • Unlocked Phone – Must not be locked to a certain network
  • NFC Support – For contactless QR code scanning

With an eSIM ready device, tourists can download Orange’s connectivity profiles over-the-air upon arrival rather than inserting a plastic SIM card.

Orange sells both prepaid data eSIM plans targeted at travelers as well as monthly eSIM packages. Pricing is similar to their regular SIM card lineup with the added eSIM convenience.

So with mobile devices increasingly integrating eSIM functionality, Orange makes it simple to connect these high-tech gadgets to their fast network in Jordan.

VI. Where Can You Buy an Orange SIM card and eSIM?

When looking to purchase an Orange SIM card or eSIM in Jordan, you have multiple convenient pickup and delivery options:

1. Where to Buy Orange SIM for Jordan?

Umniah kiosk

If you prefer having the SIM in-hand upon arrival, popular places to buy Orange SIM cards locally include:

  • Amman Airport Kiosks – Available in Arrivals Hall
  • Orange Shops – Available nationwide with 50+ locations
  • Carrefour Stores – Large supermarkets like Carrefour sell Orange SIMs
  • Petra Visitor’s Center – Orange retailer inside visitor’s center

Through Orange retail outlets found across Jordan in malls, tourist centers and airports, grabbing a prepaid SIM card locally is quick and easy.

2. Where to Buy Orange eSIM in Jordan?

Orange store

To activate Orange eSIM service for compatible iPhones/Pixel devices:

  • Apple App Store – Download Orange eSIM app
  • Google Play Store – Get Android eSIM app version
  • Orange Jordan Website – Request eSIM via web portal

Through their dedicated eSIM apps for iPhone and Android, the activation process is convenient taking just minutes. Orange also lets people request eSIM profiles through their website in advance of arrival.

So whether opting for a physical SIM card or eSIM, Orange caters to all types of tourists devices with pickup locations nationally alongside app and web-based eSIM solutions.

VII. How to Activate Orange SIM card/eSIM in Jordan?

When you purchase an Orange SIM card or eSIM, getting service activated takes just minutes. Here are the steps for each:

1. How to Use an Orange SIM Card in Jordan?

Orange sim card

Activating an Orange SIM card is straightforward:

  1. Insert SIM – Turn phone off and insert SIM card into device
  2. Turn Phone On – Power phone back on with SIM inserted
  3. Connect Automatically – Orange network detected and connectivity activated

That’s it! The Orange SIM card will automatically configure your device settings. You’ll enjoy a small amount of bundled minutes, texts, data to start.

You can then dial *100# to check your SIM number along with plan balances and expiry. Top-up or upgrade data bundles through the My Orange app too.

2. How to Activate Orange eSIM?

To connect with an Orange Jordan eSIM profile:

  1. Install eSIM App – Download and install Orange eSIM app for your device’s platform
  2. Register Account – Create account credentials to manage your eSIM
  3. Select Plan – Choose from prepaid data packages
  4. Activate with QR Code – Scan unique QR code provided to activate service

Through their dedicated eSIM apps and seamless QR code activation, getting started with Orange’s eSIM service only takes a few taps. Manage your connectivity all through the app for convenience.

So whether slotting in a physical SIM card or scanning an eSIM QR code, Orange offers hassle-free service activation for tourists.

Learn more: How to Install Jordan eSIM: Full Guide

VIII. Jordan Orange Call & SMS Rates

To budget effectively, here are Orange’s latest calling and messaging rates tourists can expect:

Call/SMS TypeRate (USD)
Local calls (bundled)Free
Local calls (out of bundle)$0.14/min
SMS local (bundled)Free
SMS local (out of bundle)$0.07/SMS
SMS international$0.14/SMS
Video calls$0.28/min
International callsVaries by country
Voice mail$0.14/min
Call forwarding$1.41/request
Call hold$0.14/min
Conference call$0.14/min extra users

For heavy callers or texters, having a bundle with free on-net minutes and messaging is suggested. But Orange’s rates overall are still inexpensive for prepaid users.

Just beware that roaming outside Jordan or calling international numbers will have significantly higher per minute charges. Always check current roaming rates before travel.

IX. How to Top-up Orange SIM/eSIM

With Orange’s prepaid service, topping up your account balance lets you extend the validity of data/call allowances.

Popular ways tourists can recharge their Orange SIM or eSIM in Jordan include:

Purchase Top-up Voucher

  • Buy scratch card vouchers at stores
  • Available in denominations like 1 JOD, 5 JOD, 10 JOD etc.
  • Redeem code to add balance to account

This traditional method provides physical vouchers containing recharge PINs available for convenience at tons of outlets across Jordan from Orange shops to petrol stations and supermarkets.

Orange My App or Website

  • Log into your My Orange online account
  • Select desired recharge amount like 10 JOD
  • Pay securely via credit card or other methods

Through Orange’s mobile app or website portal, tourists have an additional way to directly add credit to accounts for convenience. Payment can be made instantly online.

So with widely sold scratch vouchers or online payments, refreshing your prepaid SIM or eSIM credit is straightforward with Orange when traveling in Jordan.

Enjoy Fast Jordan Mobile Data Without Swapping SIM Cards

X. Alternatives to Jordan Orange

The two other major mobile networks in Jordan besides Orange are:

  • Zain – Market leader with over 6 million subscribers. Similar coverage and rates as Orange. Also offers eSIM now.
  • Umniah– Second largest provider. Jordan eSIM offers Orange eSIM at a reasonable price for tourists who travel to Jordan for 7 -15 days, from $27 for 3GB of data. 

Satisfy Your Wanderlust with Hassle-Free Data

Jordan eSIM 7 Days
Jordan eSIM 7 Days
From $5.50
Jordan eSIM 15 Days
Jordan eSIM 15 Days
From $10.50

So Zain and Umniah are the main alternatives you can consider for connectivity in Jordan. Both offer prepaid SIMs and eSIM options.

Remember: Umniah provides good coverage paired with better prices and discounts generally. Their new eSIM feature is also a key advantage for some tourists. 

XI. FAQs about Orange in Jordan

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions tourists may have about using Orange while visiting Jordan:

Do I need to show ID/passport when buying Orange SIM card?

Yes, you normally need to present your passport at certain locations when purchasing a Jordan Orange SIM card as a tourist. But some retailers like airport kiosks waive this requirement.

Can I use Orange SIM abroad?

Yes, Orange SIM cards can roam internationally across 170+ destinations. But data roaming outside Jordan can be expensive so always check roaming rates before travel.

How can I track my Orange data usage?

Dial *140# to check your remaining data balance. You can also monitor usage through the My Orange app or online portal when logged into your account.

Can I use Orange SIM in Waze app?

Yes, Orange SIM cards and eSIM work seamlessly with popular navigation/travel apps like Google Maps, Waze and more thanks to Jordan’s nationwide LTE coverage.

So whether you need a physical SIM card or eSIM service, Orange provides the network availability and speeds necessary for uninterrupted travel app usage across Jordan.

XII. Final Words

Between flexible SIM card and eSIM options alongside online account management and easy top-up methods, Orange offers everything visitors need for hassle-free mobile service during their trip. So pick up an Orange SIM card or eSIM during your Jordanian getaway for reliable, low-cost connectivity you can depend on from Petra to the Dead Sea and everywhere in between!