When traveling to Jordan, tourists often express concerns about using their mobile phones, particularly around connectivity, costs, and convenience. Using your cell phone in Jordan with your home country’s SIM card can lead to high roaming charges, especially for data usage. This guide recommends using local SIM cards to manage costs efficiently, ensure smooth connectivity, and fully enjoy the Jordan experience without the burden of excessive roaming charges.

Using a cell phone in Jordan

I. Can I Use My Cell Phone in Jordan?

Your trip to Jordan is coming and you are wondering if you can use your cell phone in Jordan? Yes, you can but there are a few factors to check before your trip:

1. Unlocked/Locked Phone: Are you using a locked phone? Phones that are locked to a carrier will not work with a different SIM card in Jordan. It’s best if you are using an international version of your phone, but if not, you need to unlock it before your trip to avoid connectivity issues.
2. Bands: GSM network bands in Jordan may differ from the bands you are using in your country. Thus, you have to check if your phone’s network bands are compatible with Jordan frequencies. This information can be easily looked up.

Frequency check Jordan
Source: Kimovil

3. SIM Card: When you use cell phone in Jordan, it’s advised to buy a SIM Card to make calls or use mobile data in that country. In Jordan, you can find and buy SIM Cards at airports, shopping malls, or electronic shops throughout the nation. Local rates are much affordable, in comparison with international roaming charges.

4. Roaming: In case you choose to use roaming services, you should check if your current carrier offers the service in Jordan. While this is a convenient option, it also comes with high cost and fees. Especially, roaming charges for mobile data use are usually very high, which makes roaming a less economical option compared with using local SIM card/eSIM.

To ensure smooth and affordable mobile service during using cell phone in Jordan, I recommend purchasing a local SIM card or eSIM upon arrival in Jordan. This allows you to stay connected without incurring high costs, and it provides better coverage, especially in remote or rural areas of the country. We recommend you using internet of Zain LTE to have stable and high-speed connection.

Knowing more about mobile internet, you can visit this article: Mobile Internet in Jordan: How To Choose The Best Option?

II. How to Keep Connected by My Cell Phone in Jordan

In Jordan, there are various options available to maintain connectivity. The five main approaches comprise utilizing complimentary local Wi-Fi, pocket Wi-Fi, roaming, acquiring a local SIM card or eSIM, and international plans. Below is a comparative table listing out the advantages, drawbacks, and price ranges of these options.

Connectivity OptionProsConsPrice Range
Free Local WiFiNo costLimited to specific locations; privacy risks; unreliableFree
RoamingConvenient; no need to change SIMVery expensive; depends on home carrierVery High
International PlansMay be cheaper than roaming; convenientMore expensive than local options; limited dataModerate to High
Local SIM CardAffordable; good local coverageRequires unlocked phone; needs SIM purchase$5 to $15 for starter packs
eSIMNo physical SIM needed; easy setupNot supported by all devices; availability varies$10 to $20 for starter plans

For using a cell phone in Jordan, local SIMs/eSIMs offer the most cost-effective and reliable connectivity. Unlike roaming or relying on international plans, which can be expensive, local SIMs offer budget-friendly packages for you to choose.

For those preferring a digital solution without the need for a physical SIM card, eSIMs are an excellent alternative. They offer similar benefits, including easy setup and moderate pricing. However, remember to check if your phone supports eSIM or not.

Interested travelers can find more information and purchase options at eSIM Jordan, a reliable and convenient choice for using a cell phone in Jordan. offers a variety of eSIM plans for travelers, with options ranging from a 5-day pass with 3GB of data for a quick trip, to a more extensive 14-day pass for those with longer stays.

The plans are affordably priced between $27.90 and $43.50, ensuring travelers can enjoy their trip without concern over connectivity. Additionally, there’s a flexible Jordan Kuwait Oman eSIM plan that varies in price and data allowance to suit the needs of travelers moving across these countries.

Plans that may interest you

Jordan eSIM 7 Days
Jordan eSIM 7 Days
From $5.50
Jordan eSIM 15 Days
Jordan eSIM 15 Days
From $10.50
Jordan eSIM 30 Days
Jordan eSIM 30 Days
From $13.90

III. Getting The Most Out Of Your Cell Phone During Travel

Cell Phone During Travel
Cell Phone During Travel

We recommend travelers take a few practical steps to utilize their cell phone in Jordan during the trip. To save data, you should try to connect to secure Wi-Fi networks when available. Try adjusting your phone settings to limit data usage of non-essential apps. It’s also a good idea to download offline maps and Jordan travel guides before heading out for the day, so you can navigate and look up information without using mobile data.

To optimize battery longevity, it’s advised to bring a portable power bank. You should especially pay attention to doing this during long excursions to places like Petra or Wadi Rum where outlets may be scarce. Consider switching your phone’s power-saving mode and dim the screen brightness. As for chargers, remember that Jordan uses a 220V electrical system.

You should keep it in mind to bring a suitable travel adapter. By following these tips, you’ll enjoy a seamless and efficient tech experience during your using a cell phone in Jordan.

Skip the Roaming Surprise
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Can I use my cell phone in Jordan?

Yes, you can if your local mobile operator offers roaming services in Jordan. However, it is often much more expensive than using a local eSIM. Check with your provider for rates applied.

What is eSIM and how to start using it?

eSIM – an electronic SIM substituting traditional physical SIM – enables you to make calls, send messages and use data just like the old physical SIM. Once you have bought an eSIM, you just get it registered as a profile in your phone before heading to Jordan. The activation of the device appears to be pretty simple – most of the time, by scanning a QR code. The eSIM provider will provide you with detailed support.

What documents are required when purchasing a SIM card/eSIM in Jordan?

It will be necessary for you to furnish your passport as a reference for your identification. This is, to say the least, to follow the guidelines and laws of local telecommunication authorities. Every country requires this to ensure secure and authenticated use of mobile services.

How can I conserve data while using my cell phone in Jordan?

To minimize data usage, use Wi-Fi when available, especially for data-intensive activities like streaming. Adjust app settings to limit background data usage and download maps and information for offline use.

What should I do if I face connectivity issues with my eSIM in Jordan?

Try restarting your phone. Check your settings to ensure that the eSIM profile is active. If the problem persists, contact customer support of the eSIM provider for assistance.

V. What’s The Most Efficient Way To Connect my cell phone in Jordan?

Embarking on a journey to Jordan opens up a world of awe-inspiring history, mesmerizing landscapes, and vibrant culture. To experience your incredible adventure in Jordan, staying connected is essential. That’s where choosing a local SIM card or eSIM becomes your travel superpower.

Not only do they offer a cost-saving lifeline back to familiar grounds, but they also keep you seamlessly connected to Jordan’s hidden gems and urban comforts. With our effortless activation, expansive coverage, and flexible plans, you’re not just buying data—you’re unlocking the potential for a richer, more engaging travel story.

So, let’s get your cell phone in Jordan connected with the simplest, most reliable solution out there, and turn your Jordanian journey into an endless stream of shareable moments and easy explorations.