Umniah is one of the most popular mobile networks in Jordan. It offers a wide range of prepaid and postpaid plans to suit the needs of both tourists and residents. This guide provides tourists and travelers with comprehensive information on Umniah SIM cards in Jordan.

Umniah sim card featured image
Umniah sim card featured image

I. Quick facts about Umniah

Umniah Telecom is the third-largest mobile network operator in Jordan. Some key facts about Umniah include:

  • Founded year: Umniah was granted its license in August 2004 and began public operations in June 2005.
  • Full company name: Umniah Mobile Co. (شركة امنية للاتصالات)
  • Types of services provided: Mobile telephony, wireless internet (WiMax and LTE), fixed and mobile network services.
  • Number of subscribers: By the end of 2007 it reached 1 million subscribers. In 2015 it reached 3 million subscribers.
  • Coverage: Provides mobile network coverage across Jordan.
  • Estimated number of network stores/agents: The source does not provide a specific number, but mentions Umniah’s network expansion across Jordan since launch.

II. Jordan Umniah Coverage and Speed

Umniah provides good coverage across most parts of Jordan with 3G and 4G/LTE connectivity. Its 5G rollout is still limited.

1. Umniah coverage in Jordan

Umniah Coverage map
Source: Nperf
  • Umniah has over 99% population coverage in Jordan with 2G services.
  • Its 3G network covers over 90% of the populated areas.
  • 4G/LTE is available across all major cities and towns like Amman, Aqaba, Petra, Madaba, Jerash, etc.
  • Umniah’s 5G network is currently present only in parts of Amman, Irbid and Aqaba. Overall 5G coverage is very limited.

So tourists can easily get Umniah 3G or 4G signals in most tourist areas and cities in Jordan. But 5G access is still minimal outside main cities.

2. Umniah speed

Umniah offers good 4G speeds in Jordan:

  • Its average 4G download speed is around 18 Mbps as per OpenSignal data.
  • The average 4G upload speed is about 17 Mbps.
  • In Amman and other large cities, users can get over 30 Mbps 4G download speeds at times.
  • The 5G network offers over 100 Mbps download speeds where available. 

So the speeds are decent for browsing, maps, social media and audio/video calls over VoIP. Heavy usage like video streaming at HD or 4K may be limited at times by lower speeds.

III. Umniah connectivity options for travelers to Jordan

Umniah offers prepaid SIM cards and eSIMs for travelers coming to Jordan

Prepaid SIM CardInexpensive pay-as-you-go rates. Covers own device.Requires purchasing before travel. Only valid 30 days.
Prepaid Data SIMProvides flexible data bundles. No talk/text.Extra device needed. Data-only usage.
Pocket WiFiPortable hotspot for multiple devices.Higher daily/weekly cost than SIM. Limited coverage.
WiFi Router RentalCovers home/hotel network. 1GB/day included.Expensive for long rentals. Infrastructure dependent.
RoamingUse home provider abroad. No setup needed.Very high call/data rates compared to local sim.
Umniah Evolve AppFree WiFi at hotspots. Low data bundles.Reliant on hotspot locations. Extra app download.

Based on comparing the various connectivity options available from Umniah for travelers to Jordan, purchasing a prepaid Umniah SIM card provides the most flexible and convenient solution. It offers the best balance of set-up simplicity, flexibility of use, and cost-effectiveness compared to other options.

It allows travelers to stay connected via their own compatible devices wherever they go in Jordan for the duration of their visit.

IV. Best Umniah SIM cards for tourists & cost

Umniah shop

Below are the best Umniah SIM card options for visitors to Jordan and their indicative pricing:

PlanMonthly Fee (JOD)DataMinutesAdditional Features
Umniah Basic ++1500 MB2 Piasters/min2 Piasters/SMS
UArmy line620 GBUnlimitedFor armed forces, international minutes to Bangladesh, India, Ooredoo, Philippines
U Gov 8++$8.4518 GB + 7 GB GOV + 5 GB additionalUnlimited100 international minutes
UShababi 9 plus$9.5440 GBUnlimited1000 minutes to Palestine
U10 Plus1045 GB24001000 SMS
U 11 plus1145 GBUnlimitedIncluded international minutes
U 13+1360 GBUnlimited3000 SMS

The U8 plus at $8.45 provides the best value, covering average internet and communication needs. For power users or multi-week trips, the UShababi 9 plus would be suitable. Overall, plans between $8.45-10.62 per month deliver capability suitable for tourist connectivity needs in Jordan.

V. Does Umniah Jordan support eSIM?

Yes, Umniah launched eSIM support in August 2022 in Jordan on its 4G network. So with eSIM you can digitally activate Umniah service on eSIM capable mobiles.

Umniah eSIM works on iOS and Android devices that have eSIM functionality in Jordan. However, eSIM activation may not be possible on some factory unlocked phones purchased globally.

Umniah eSIM is supported on smartphones like:

  • Latest iPhone models – iPhone 14, 13, 12 series
  • Many recent flagship Samsung mobiles like S22, S21, Z Fold series
  • Google Pixel 6 and above is currently unable to provide Umniah eSIM plans as the mobile network has limited coverage across Jordan compared to other operators. While we hope to offer Umniah eSIM in the future if coverage expands, for reliable connectivity throughout your trip to Jordan, we recommend one of our Umniah eSIM plans available from as short as 5 days up to a 14 day plan.

Please visit our website to view the different Umniah eSIM packages suitable for travelers and digital nomads visiting Jordan.

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VI. Where can you buy a Umniah SIM card and eSIM?

Umniah SIM card and eSIMs are easy to find in Jordan at stores, malls, airports, etc.

1. Where to buy Umniah SIM for Jordan?

Umniah kiosk

As Umniah has nationwide presence, you can easily purchase Umniah SIM cards in Jordan at:

  • Umniah brand stores and care centers
  • Retail chains like Carrefour, Safeway
  • Amman Queen Alia International Airport
  • Border stores like at Aqaba seaport, land crossings with Israel, Syria, etc

At Umniah stores you can get both regular and tourist prepaid SIMs. At other outlets, generally the regular prepaid SIMs are available.

2. Where to buy Jordan Umniah eSIM?

Umniah eSIM can be purchased digitally by following methods:

  • Umniah website – Create profile and account, provide passport and payment details for verification. Then you get eSIM activation details on email.
  • Umniah mobile app – Download app, create profile with verification documents, make payment by card and activate eSIM over-the-air.
  • Just one click on to get an Umniah eSIM and feel free to contact Jordan eSIM with any questions. From $27.8, an eSIM with 3GB high-speed data is for you during your trip to everywhere in Jordan.

Feel like a local with data plans

Jordan eSIM 7 Days
Jordan eSIM 7 Days
From $5.50
Jordan eSIM 15 Days
Jordan eSIM 15 Days
From $10.50

Umniah provides good coverage paired with better prices and discounts generally. Their new eSIM feature is also a key advantage for some tourists.

So Umniah eSIM for Jordan can be conveniently purchased online once you have internet connectivity through Wi-Fi etc.

VII. How to activate Umniah Jordan SIM/eSIM?

Activating a Umniah SIM card or eSIM is a quick and simple process.

1. How to use Jordan Umniah SIM card?

  • New prepaid SIM – Choose regular or tourist SIM pack. Make payment and provide passport for verification.
  • Already owned SIM – Go to a Umniah store outlet and give passport to reactivate with your number.
  • A JOD 1 one-time activation fee applies.
  • Once done, SIM is activated for making calls, texts and using mobile data.

2. How to activate Umniah Jordan eSIM?

To activate Umniah Jordan eSIM:

  • Purchase eSIM pack digitally from Umniah website or app. Complete profile verification.
  • An email or SMS is sent with eSIM voucher/activation details and QR code.
  • On your phone, scan QR code or enter details to download and activate eSIM profile over-the-air.
  • May need device restart once activated.

Both prepaid SIM and eSIM can be easily set up for use within an hour mostly. Learn more: How to Install Jordan eSIM: Full Guide

VIII. Jordan Umniah Call & SMS Rates

Prepaid Umniah SIM cards and eSIMs in Jordan offer good value rates, especially for tourists:

  • Local calls – 10 fils (0.14 JOD) per minute
  • Calls to Israel, Palestine – 79 fils per minute
  • International calls
    • To Arab countries – 79 fils to 1.69 JOD per minute
    • To other countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Europe etc – 1.79 to 3.99 JOD per minute
  • SMS – 10 fils per local/international SMS

So calling within Jordan or to neighboring countries is cheap. Rates to call further countries can add up if you talk for longer durations. Using VoIP apps can save costs for international calls.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Umniah Jordan SIM/eSIM

Umniah users in Jordan can dial useful USSD codes for checking account, activating packs and other self-care functions:

  • Balance check – *140#
  • Remaining data – *107#
  • Plan details – *222#
  • Activate data pack – *100*pack code# (eg *100*MB10# for 10 MB data)

So by using these USSD codes you can easily check and manage your Umniah prepaid account on both SIM and eSIM.

X. How to Top-up Umniah Jordan SIM/eSIM

Adding credit/recharging Umniah SIM in Jordan is very convenient through multiple methods:

  • Umniah stores/outlets – Pay cash or card for SIM top up voucher
  • Umniah app – Login to app and recharge using Jordan debit/credit card
  • Online banking – Net banking and mobile banking apps like Ahli Bank, Jordan Islamic Bank allow topping up Umniah
  • International cards – Many tourists manage to use international credit/debit cards to recharge (may need to enable international transactions on card first)

Auto top-up options are also available to recharge automatically when balance is low.

XI. FAQs about Umniah in Jordan

Does Umniah SIM work in Israel?

Yes, Umniah has automatic roaming enabled with Israeli providers. So you’ll stay connected on partner networks in Israel.

Can I use WhatsApp/FaceTime/Skype on Umniah?

Yes, OTT apps for messaging and VoIP calling through WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger etc. work perfectly fine with Umniah SIM and eSIM.

Can I top-up my Umniah prepaid balance?

Yes, you can top-up your Umniah prepaid account with airtime credit via ATMs, online banking or at retail partners using your SIM card number. Top-ups allow you to pay as you go.

Is there a limit on how long Umniah prepaid SIMs can be unused?

Umniah prepaid SIM cards that have not been topped up within 6 months are considered expired and deactivated. You’ll need a new SIM to restart service.

I’ve lost my Umniah SIM card, can I retrieve my number?

If you lost your registered Umniah prepaid SIM, you can file a request to retrieve your phone number for a fee by visiting a Umniah store with your ID. This is subject to number availability.

XII. Final Words

We have covered everything – network availability, SIM purchase, activation, recharges and usage for Umniah mobile service during travel in Jordan. A prepaid Umniah SIM card or eSIM delivers convenience, good connectivity and value. Based on your device and specific requirements, you can choose to get either during your Jordan visit.