Nowadays, staying connected when traveling abroad is very important. If you have a plan to travel to Amman – A city with a rich history, bustling markets, and cultural sites. To navigate and enjoy all that Amman has to offer perfectly, getting an Amman SIM Card is super necessary. This guide provides useful information on purchasing a SIM card in Amman.

SIM card in Amman

I. Which mobile operator is the best in Amman?

Amman has several mobile network providers, each offering a range of services for residents and tourists. The most prominent operators in Amman, Jordan are Zain, Orange, and Umniah.

mobile operator in Amman
Mobile operator in Amman

A report from internet testing company nPerf looks at how well the major mobile networks in Jordan performed in 2023. Orange, Umniah and Zain were tested on speeds, browsing, streaming and more in the capital Amman.

One network stood out as the clear winner – Umniah! It scored highest on nPerf’s overall score with 51,067 points compared to 43,037 for Zain and 32,443 for Orange.

Each month in 2023, Umniah placed first in nPerf’s speedtests. It offered reliable, quick service whether during busy evenings or other times of day.

So for the fastest speeds and best all-round mobile internet experience in Amman, Umniah is the top choice network according to this research. Its performance and consistency make it the clear winner.

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II. Best SIM card in Amman and cost

Once you’ve chosen your ideal Amman SIM card provider, next comes picking the right plan. You should consider these factors when selecting a plan suitable for your needs:

OperatorPackage TypePrice (USD)Data IncludedMinutes Included
Zain JordanTourist SIM – 30 days$20.448 GB1000 local + 50 international
Tourist SIM – 30 days$22.7037.5 GB3000 local + 3000 sms
Orange JordanTourist Package – 10 days$14.1015 GB60 local + 10 international
Tourist Package – 30 days$21.1520 GBUnlimited local + 20 international
Umniah JordanData-focused Plan – 30 days$11.985 GBUnlimited local + 3000 sms
Data-focused Plan – 30 days$16.8840 GBUnlimited local + 3000 sms

III. Where to buy A SIM in Amman

1. Getting a SIM Card in Amman Airport 

When you arrive at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, you can conveniently purchase SIM cards in the 3 own stores of above-mentioned mobile operators.

SIM Card at Amman Airport 
SIM Card at Amman Airport 

These stores are open 24 hours, so that you can purchase a SIM card at any time. This is a very convenient option to get connected right away. The staff are English-speaking experts that can assist foreign travelers. Buying SIM Card at Amman Airport provide a seamless process for acquiring SIM cards, ensuring instant connectivity upon arrival.

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2. Getting a Prepaid SIM Card in Amman

You may also find and purchase SIM card in Amman by these ways if you did not do that at the Amman airport.

Mobile Carrier Stores

  • Pros: Staff at carrier stores are English-speaking experts who can provide nice advice tailored to your needs. SIM cards can be activated immediately. These stores also offer a wide range of services, including troubleshooting and plan upgrades.
  • Cons: Long lines and wait times. May not be convenient to visit at times.

Electronics and Convenience Stores

  • Pros: These stores are widespread and can often be found in shopping or busy areas. Minimal wait times.
  • Cons: The staff may not be as knowledgeable about the mobile plans as carrier store employees. Limited plan selection.

Online Retailers and Delivery Services

  • Pros: You can order a SIM card in Amman and get it delivered to your hotel from anywhere, at any time, without the need to visit a physical store. 
  • Cons: you cannot use the SIM card until it is delivered. Need to follow additional steps to activate the SIM card once it arrives.

To get connected right after landing, foreign travelers should buy a SIM card at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, or buying an sSIM before departure is also a recommended option.

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IV. eSIM for Amman Travelers – A Smart Alternative

eSIM is a smart alternative for travelers to Amman. Using an eSIM is very convenient because you will not need to remove your regular SIM card. After buying, you just need to install the eSIM on your phone. eSIM is available with various data packages from You can purchase before the trip and install  on a eSIM-compatible phone easily, following the instructions provided after buying. 

Key benefits of eSIM include:

  • Convenience: Activate or switch mobile plans directly from your device without a physical SIM card.
  • Instant Connectivity: immediate internet access upon arrival in Amman. This is very useful for travelers who need to navigate or communicate right away after landing.
  • Security: No need to remove your home country SIM card, reducing the risk of loss, theft and unauthorized use.

eSIM provides instant delivery of the eSIM via email so travelers can activate their data plan 

immediately after arriving in Amman. The eSIM connects travelers to the best local 4G networks without any hassle. This saves travelers from high roaming fees and allows them to enjoy fast internet access all across Jordan during their trip. which is a popular eSIM service provider for Amman travelers. They provide data packages starting from as low as $27.90 for 5 days with 3GB data. You can choose a suitable package as per your travel duration and data needs.

Plans that may interest you

Jordan eSIM 7 Days
Jordan eSIM 7 Days
From $5.50
Jordan eSIM 30 Days
Jordan eSIM 30 Days
From $13.90

V. Things to Prepare When Buying a SIM Card in Amman

When acquiring a local SIM card in Amman, you typically need to have the following documents ready: a valid passport, a travel visa (if applicable).

Housing proof – If you are staying long-term, a copy of your hotel booking or housing contract may be needed in some cases.

Unlocked phone – Your phone needs to be unlocked and not tied to any specific carrier to accept a local SIM card. You can ask your home carrier to unlock it before travel.

VI. Tips and Recommendations


You will need to show your passport when purchasing a SIM card in Amman from operator stores or resellers. This is to comply with regulations.

Choose an operator

The three main network operators in Jordan are Zain, Umniah, and Orange. Check coverage for the areas you plan to visit using their coverage checkers before choosing. Zain typically has the best coverage nationwide.

Budget 5-15 JOD for the SIM 

SIM card in Amman cost around 5 JOD from the main operators, although some packages include the SIM and bundled content for higher prices like Orange’s tourist packs.

Top-up amounts are 1-36 JOD

 Popular recharge amounts at stores are 3, 5, 9, 12, 20, 36 JOD which provide validity periods from 5 days to 1 year depending on amount. 16% tax is added.

Have IDs ready for verification 

Some resellers may additionally require your national ID to be presented for verification purposes during the SIM purchase process.


Which mobile operators are available in Jordan?

The three main mobile operators in Jordan are Zain, Umniah, and Orange. Zain is the largest network.

How do I get a prepaid SIM card?

You can purchase prepaid SIM starter packs from the operator stores of Zain, Umniah, and Orange. You’ll need to show your passport. Starter packs are typically around 5 JOD. SIMs are also available at the airport arrival halls and some resellers.

What plans and bundles are available?

The operators offer monthly combo plans that provide data, minutes and SMS. They also have data-only bundles and plans. Options range from 1-100GB of data. Additional data packs can also be purchased. Social media bundles are available too.

Can I use my SIM card for data only?

Yes, the operators offer data-only SIMs and plans designed for mobile broadband and hotspots. Zain, Umniah and Orange have specific bundles available for data-only use via a USB modem or MiFi device.

Is 4G/LTE available?

Yes, all three major operators have expanded 4G/LTE networks, initially in major cities like Amman. Check individual operator coverage maps. Prepaid 4G/LTE plans and bundles are offered separately from 3G options.

What payment methods are accepted?

The main methods to top up credit are scratch cards purchased from stores or vouchers/e-vouchers from online sites. Cards come in denominations and are entered via SMS. Automatic debit options may also be available from operators.

VIII. Conclusion

In conclusion, acquiring a SIM card in Amman’s city center is a straightforward process, ensuring seamless connectivity during your stay. Remember to explore various plans, consider your data needs, and take advantage of any tourist-specific offers. 

For any inquiries, feel free to contact the telecom provider or drop a comment below. Wishing you a connected and enjoyable stay in Amman!